Online Product/Price Survey


Online Product/Price Survey

Online Product/Price Survey is one of our most helpful services for online shopping companies. Our expert virtual assistants can help you out in checking of prices of products on your competitor websites so that you can offer the best price to your customers.

Many of our clients are using our assistants to grab prices from the web from different websites so that remain ahead in the competitive online shopping market and offer the best prices to their customers. Our assistants grab data from different websites and arrange them in an easy to read and lucrative manner so that you can easily get the required details at a glance.

Our product/price survey assistant services are charge @ $6 per hour and our virtual assistants are available to work 24X7 depending on your needs and requirements. Thus using our virtual assistants services you can keep a track record of the fluctuating prices in today’s competitive market.

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We at Virtual Clerks help you in getting your work done with increased efficiency, decreased costs & with an aim to increase your profits

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